1. did-you-kno:

    A group of researchers have developed an algorithm that can chronologically rank each of the Beatles’ albums, proving that artificial intelligence can “listen to” and recognize change and progression in musical patterns. The algorithm was so precise, it accurately identified the sequential order of when each song was recorded, regardless of its release date.



  2. The Lickerish Quartet (1970)


  3. Solange - “Don’t Let Me Down” on Letterman


  4. Christopher Lee (91), Little Drummer Boy, Heavy Metal, Christmas…



  5. undomondo:

    DARKSIDE - Paper Trails

    RA Sessions: Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington released Psychic, their debut album as Darkside. 


  6. runawayerotica:

    blackshivers: mycocrisium

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  7. amalgammaray:

    Mark Rothko, Untitled, 1969

    Rothko’s last work before committing suicide.

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  9. howtoseewithoutacamera:

    by Bert Hardy
    18-year old London student Mercy Haystead enjoys a plate of spaghetti, whilst on holiday in Italy as an official guest of the town of Positano, September 1949

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  10. howtoseewithoutacamera:

    by Bert Hardy

    A young boy blowing up a balloon in Gorbals, Scotland, 1948.

    WOW… wonderful series…

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  11. blinkingmidnightclock:

    French Quarter Mardi Gras drag in the 1950s

    “Mardi Gras Day was the only opportunity for gay people to legally gather in public…Mardi Gras was the only time by law in New Orleans you could cross-dress. Any other time you were subject to arrest…You had to be out of drag at dark and you still had to have on one piece of man’s clothing.”

    —from The Sons of Tennessee Williams (dir. Tim Wolff, 2010)

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  12. colinquinn:



    London, 2013.

    The Summer Diary Project.  Follow us on Facebook + Twitter @summer_diary



  13. what’s that shite about lou reed dead?


  14. how are you people? some are still there, eh?

    i’m only really happy to tell you I now have a blue twingo! yes, a car! :)


  15. video game music and more